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Shoanmarie Pope
Your DOT Certified Medical Examiner

-Lost 25lbs. in 42 days

-Lost 40lbs. in 42 days

  • "I love my results from my ultrasound cavitation sessions. I am able to see my abs muscle after not being able to see them for ten years."

  • "I woke up early this morning in so much pain I couldn't get up out the bed. The slight pain I had been having that I thought was just stress related had worsened. As laid there screaming and crying I thank God for my Angel who was able to recognize the severity of my pain and immediately act to help. He only had to make one telephone call and I was heading for treatment. I am so grateful for Optimal health wellness solutions, the 1st Black Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, for coming in

    Show More - - Marnita S.
  • I lost 23 lbs in 42 days. I am excited to lose 25 more on my next round. Thank you Dr. Shoanmarie for doing what you do. Your support is like none other.

    - -Rebecca P.
  • "After waking up with a horrendous pain in my back and really not able to walk a friend referred me to optimal health. The doctor found the source of my pain and with three short visits I was totally pain-free. She was able to show me the extent of the damage i done to my body over time. I am now a patient there and my overall health improved tremendously the small aches and pains I had are gone. I am a total believer and chiropractic now I can't believe that I excepted the way I was feeling bef

    Show More - -James P.
  • "I highly recommend this wellness clinic. The doctor and staff are all very caring and truly interested in the well being of their patients and community."

    - - Amanda G.
  • "I tried many diet plans before and nothing seem to work for me. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired then I heard about Dr. Shoanmarie and their program. It was easy to follow, i was not hungry and my weight-loss has been excellent. A new me and my body is hot! I can't be happier! I am 27 pounds lighter and loving me!"

    Show More - -Victoria C.
  • Knee pain is a thing of the past for me. I have suffered with chronic knee pain since college. I never thought chiropractic care could help until I was referred to Optimal Health by a friend.

    - -Brian A.
  • "Within a few days I woke up refreshed and ready to go with tons of energy. I actually saw improvements with my bouts of depression and my mental clarity. I just feel so much better. I know I have a long way to go, but I'm off to a great start. My husband noticed the difference in me and has even embraced these dietary changes. I could easily eat this way the rest of my life."

    Show More - -Patient 1 (57 year-old female)
  • "I look forward to every appointment I have at optimal health. The atmosphere there is so serene it's like being on the beach. I'm able to escape the stresses of my job and I just love the that the staff and doctor takes. Optimal health is were I am able to put my responsibilities and commitment to my children, my husband, my job and others aside for a moment and take care of me!

    Show More - -Kerri H.


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